Support Kim who did the Dublin Rock n Roll Half Marathon on Sunday 13th August 2017


I have never run in my life, it was always something I believed I couldn’t do or was not able for. Peter on the other hand has run the Dublin Marathon, he’s been a legend athlete and served as a guard all his life.  As I watched this strong man’s mobility slip away I am overwhelmed by his bravery. Simultaneously I am ashamed at how I have ungratefully treated my body and have not enjoyed this beautiful gift of mobility that I still have.

In honour of Peter, I am going to run!  I am going to take one step at a time as long as I can, push myself beyond what I believe I can do, endure the pains and enjoy every bit of it!  I have just completed my first 10K run ever and am training for my first half marathon in August, and like Peter I will run the Dublin Marathon!

I will be raising cash for PSPA Ireland, a group of wonderful people that help both the victims of PSP and the families of PSP patients. It’s a terribly difficult journey for all involved and their work is so important and their support so appreciated. Please help me to raise some much needed money to help PSPA Ireland help take care of people like Peter and support their families and friends

Thank you very much!

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About PSPA Ireland

PSPA Ireland is the national support organisation for people affected by the neurodegenerative brain diseases: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD).
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