Mobility Benefits



Mobility Allowance

This is paid if you are under 66 years and are disabled to such an extent that it would be dangerous to walk, or use public transport.  You must be living at home and the inability must be likely to last more than a year. See

Motorised Transport Grant

This is means tested and applicable to people who may need to:

  • buy a car because of the disability
  • have a car adapted to be more suitable

. Further information from:

Note: The Mobility Allowance and Motorised Transport Grant were closed last year.
The schemes are under review.  Watch his site -We will keep you updated.

 Disabled Parking Permit/Disc

With difficulties of movement associated with PSP/CBD you can apply for a Disabled Parking Permit.  The Disabled Parking Permit is issued on behalf of the Dept. of Transport by the Disabled Drivers Association and the Irish Wheelchair Association.

To be eligible for a Disabled Parking Permit you must be “A person with a permanent condition or disability that severely restricts their ability to walk”.

You will need a Primary Medical Certificate to be eligible to apply. Contact your local HSE office for this. It is advisable in the interest of safety that persons with PSP/CBD should discontinue driving. Further Information: (

The permit will cover any vehicle in which the disabled person is travelling either as a driver or passenger.

A fee is applicable: €35

How to Apply:

  • write a letter applying for a disc with the patients name, address and description of the disability
  • include a stamped addressed A5 envelope
  •  send to:    Disabled Drivers Association in Ballindine, Claremorris Co. Mayo
    National Mobility Centre,
    Irish Wheelchair Association,
    Driving Section,
    Clane,  Co. Kildare

Further information:  

The Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passenger Scheme

 There are a range of tax reliefs for purchase, adaption and use of a vehicle by disabled drivers and passengers. Further information