HSE Supports



The Health Service Executive (HSE) is responsible for a number of useful services:

  •        Community Care Services
  •        Nursing Home Support-Fair Deal
  •        Home Care Packages

Community Care Services

Community Care provision varies depending on what part of country you live in so for best advice on the services in your area contact your local Public Health Nurse.
This scheme includes:

  •         Public Health Nurse, visits and advice.
  •         Home Care attendant
  •         Home Help,
  •         Nursing Service
  •         Therapy Services: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language, day           care services
  •         Respite

Nursing Home Support Scheme: Fair Deal.

The ’Fair Deal’ provides financial support for those in long-term nursing home care provided you are resident in Ireland. You have to make a contribution to the service provider and the state pays the rest. Approved private nursing homes, voluntary nursing and public nursing homes are all covered. If you are taken into hospital for acute care and need to be transferred to long term care you need to apply for the Nursing Home Support Scheme as soon as possible to avoid incurring extra unnecessary costs. For list and further information   www.hse.ie

Home Care Packages

The Home Care Packages are designed to help an older person be cared for in their own home. The package provides additional services to the normal community care package such as extra home help hours, nursing service, therapy services etc that may be required due to illness, disability, or after a stay in hospital or rehabilitation. The help can be provided by the HSE’s own staff, voluntary providers on behalf of HSE or by private care providers. You can apply through your local health office or if you’re in hospital you can get the forms from a nurse. It is not means tested. You can avail of this whether you are already getting Community Care package or not. Application Form HCP1.

Home Support Services

This service is designed to assist persons living at home and provides respite for carers. This allows the person with disability to have a personal assistant who will help with what needs they may have. e.g. personal care, housework etc